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Master Peter Hill

The G.E.T.I.T. Together program was developed by Master Peter Hill as a practical guide to
promoting body/mind knowledge, physical/psychological/emotional power, and creating inner
harmony, while resolving conflict and traversing the various worlds/roles that we move through.

Master Hill has over 25 years of experience in martial arts training and conflict resolution, he is the
President and Co-founder of World Tai Chi Association.  The following excerpt from an interview
with Master Hill explains it best:


"My base style is Chinese Kenpo - lots of katas, lots of techniques, lots of sparring, (a few weapons),
and the system is based on the five animals. When I had reached third black in that system, I felt like the
locks in the program could be more effective,  the weapons more extensive, and the martial Tai Chi I was
learning more powerful...in fact, at the time, I was not impressed with the Tai Chi, but I kept doing it because
I thought with all the stuff I read on it there must be more than I am "getting". So I went off and trained in
Arnis and Balintawak becoming an instructor under Remy Presas and Bobby Taboda/Peter Ball. I brought
in Wally Jay for jujitsu seminars to my schools along with Joe Lewis, Chuck Clark (aikido), Jeet Kune do people,
Jin Heng Li (Wushu weapons and Tai Chi), along with Jerry Cook,Sensei Oyata (Okinawan Kempo),
Rick Moneymaker from Dillman's group, plus many others. I read the wandering taoist series and thought "if this guy
is still alive I need to train with him," within a month I was, and from Kwan Saihung I learned the original 5 animal forms
from Shaolin (which I teach), along with extensive Tai Chi essentials, along with Hwa To's 5 animals,
and the  24 marrow washing and Chi Gung sets. With all that knowledge I saw how the structural integrity
that Tai Chi developed improved my Balinatawk, Kenpo, Kung Fu ,and weapons, and I used some of the
keys to integrate into and develop my locks and Tai Chi programs. Wally Jay inspired the 16 lock drill I
created - and I created the programs from the point of view that if I I were a beginning student how
would I want to be taught."


The G.E.T.I.T. Together program is dedicated your personal growth.

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