Tai Chi
The World Tai Chi program is an internationally recognized progressive education program
for Tai Chi developed by Grandmaster Jinheng Li and Master Peter Hill combining traditional and
authentic Eastern training methods presented in a Western format and perspective.
A beginning student can become certified from a very basic level and, with
continuing education, can become certified to teach Tai Chi and integrate this program within their
existing profession. Health Care and Martial Arts professionals from around the globe choose the
World Tai Chi system as a simple method to integrate Tai Chi within their field of expertise.

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S.T.A.R. (Seniors Transcending and Revitalizing) and B.E.A.M.(B.ody E.nergy a.nd M.ind)
are foundational Tai Chi programs developed especially for activity, health and fitness professionals
who work with all levels of fitness, mobility and special needs.

Integrative Arts

Learn traditional Kung Fu forms such as the Five Animal Forms and weapon forms such as the Shaolin Twelve Winds and Wudang Staff Forms as well
as Balintawak Escrima Stick Forms and Hand Drills.  Learn Self Defense and the comprehensive Locks, Controls and Counters program.