Tai Chi Levels

Level 1 (orange sash) consists of the following dao yin (movements designed to cultivate pliability and fluidity) and Qigong, (energy work combining
b.ody e.nergy a.nd m.ind or b.e.a.m.) sets that edify or enlighten while you train with intent to be oak/solid or willow/pliable. (more in depth
descriptions on video order pages) Also see testimonials!

-5 organ set
-5 centering set
-8 verses of brocade
-8 essentials of Tai Chi
-12 Daoyin

Level 2 (blue sash) consists of HwaTo's original 3 animals of the well known 5 animal frolic. Since the other two animals were
added later, we also teach them as advanced sets
(versus foundation sets) later in the program.

-9 crane exercises to cultivate the sinews (tendon/ligament) strength and flexibility and smooth connected energy flow. Energy postures also included
for opening the "chi gates".
-10 deer exercises to cultivate leg strength, balance and
"rootedness" along with lightness of movement.
-10 bear exercises to cultivate power and "heavy" chi.

ALL level 1 and 2 sets can be adapted to ANY fitness level, disability or physical state. We have worked with professional athletes, the National MS
society, NAAP (national assoc. of activity professionals), the National Foundation on Aging, the Governors Council on Aging, Senior, retirement and
assisted living centers, elementary through college level fitness programs, juvenile detention facilities and the National Association of Professional
Martial Artists. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

Level 3 (brown sash) consists of the Beijing Short Form, also known as the 24 form. It is the most popular Tai Chi set in the world performed by
millions of Chinese for health, vitality and mental well being. It consists of many essential movements interconnected in a pattern that works the entire
body cultivating flexibility, strength, enhanced respiration, enhanced circulatory function, nervous system response, skeletal stability and strength
(weight bearing exercise), enhanced range of motion in the joints (see FAQ on taichi for arthritis)
and mental clarity/awareness/alertness.

Level 4 (black sash) consists of either a combination of 3 martial Tai Chi forms known as Chuan forms to be decided by the instructor and student
based on goals, the Tai Chi sword form and 2 martial forms, the Yang long form (108 movements broken down into 3 smaller sets when taught), the
Chen short form and 2 martial forms or advanced Qigong sets. Instructor approval necessary for level 4 course of instruction.

A person may have completed level 3 or 4 material but
MAY NOT CERTIFY until all previous level material
(levels 1 and 2) are completed and certified.

Advanced Instructional Levels available for Master Level Candidates.