"Peter teaches you the real deal about cultivating energy and your link to spirit without any mumbo jumbo. Get it!

Dannion Brinkley
Author "Saved by the Light"

"I trained in Tai Chi for a year but it wasn't until I started training with Peter Hill's g.e.t.i.t. Integrative Arts Tai Chi program that i finally felt the
integration between my mind and body start to actualize. I am amazed at how these seemingly simple exercises have had such a profound effect on
my physical, emotional and mental balance."

Rev. William Martin
Pastoral Counselor
Author "The Art of Pastoring"

"Peter Hill is a true professor of martial arts. I highly recommend his G.E.T.I.T. Integrative Arts Programs to all students and martial artists looking to
advance their knowledge."

Jin Heng Li, Senior Member Beijing Wu Shu Team
World Champion Flexible Weapons, Tai Chi,
President, Director of World Martial Arts

"The G.E.T.I.T. program is not just about health, but it is about self-empowerment and reliance to produce harmony in our lives. We have choices in
the variety of conflicts we encounter; we are only victims in our lack of knowledge and power."

Jennifer Duff

"I used to dream about finding a program like this and then I literally walked in and it changed my life forever. It continues to help me evolve and grow
as I cultivate and test my knowledge, power and love everyday."

Jennifer McCarthy
Wellness Coordinator

"WOW! I got the first two videos in the mail (Tai Chi concepts and 5 organ set)and was very impressed with the info. Can't wait until the next one

Jody Mills
Westwind Martial Arts