Warrior Work
  Warrior Work is now available in electronic versions for Kindle, Nook and IPad.  It teaches a powerful conflict resolution and strategy paradigm using
pragmatic philosophy. It has been utilized by teachers and counselors across the US and the Program is featured in the book, “The Powder Blue Negligee –
Memoirs of a Juvenile Probation Officer” by Kurt Niemann. Check it out:  “Warrior Work – A 52 Week Guide to Help you  G.E.T.I.T. Together”. Here is a short
excerpt from the Tao of Decisions:

"A decision like an incision makes a cut into your life that is cutting out what you do not value and keeping what you do value. The
clearer your intent and values are the more precision your choices have. Do you value positive affirmations? Then cut out negative
ones and use the positive ones in your life. Do you value affection? Then be affectionate and cut out rudeness and disdain. Do you
value gifts? Then be a giver. Do you value presence? Then learn to be a good listener and be present. Do you value service and
kindness? Then serve enthusiastically with kindness. What you decide and the decisions you make tell everyone what you value."

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                                                                                               By Peter Hill, Copyright 2012